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About Me

There's no point beating around the bush - I'm a learning nerd!

As a child, I was the kid that checked out the maximum number of books at a time from the library during summer vacation. I love learning about new topics and ideas from those in different fields and figuring out how they connect to and enhance my existing knowledge.


Instructional Expert

I find joy and satisfaction in figuring out the best way to make challenging content relevant, digestible, and impactful for learners, no matter their background. I'm skilled at pinpointing the root causes of learning and performance gaps, and I love digging into challenging technical content and collaborating with SMEs to determine the best way to deliver high-quality learning experiences to a non-technical audience.


Like many of us, I have experienced too many trainings and eLearning courses that are stale, redundant, and ineffective, so I'm passionate about using visual design, interactions, and sound learning science to create targeted learning solutions that are both effective AND engaging.  


Key skills: Needs Analysis | Adult Learning Theory | ADDIE | Articulate Storyline | Rise 360 | Camtasia | Vyond | Well-Said Labs | Cornerstone LMS |Stakeholder Engagement | Project Management | Leadership | Fluent in Spanish |



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Valuable Team Member

Living and working in Latin America cemented in me a great appreciation for the diversity of people and experiences on this planet, and a unique perspective on my place in the world. ​


My years teaching and leading in Philadelphia have given me the ability to successfully manage large teams and projects, balance multiple priorities, collaborate and communicate with people from all backgrounds, and meet high-stakes deadlines. ​


I'm cool under pressure, build solid, authentic relationships with coworkers and stakeholders, and bring high standards, attention to detail, and a strong sense of humor to my personal and professional pursuits.


Other Pursuits

When not knee-deep in learning design, you can find me reading, participating in online trivia leagues, lifting heavy things and putting them back down again, or mentoring middle school students through running and international travel.

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